Speed Bump Complete Kit – 10mph

The speed bump kit is available in various sizes and includes all the necessary components to install a traffic calming measure quickly. It comes with mid-sections, end caps, and shield anchor bolts.

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Designed to slow down cars to approximately 10mph, this kit is suitable for use in car parks and private roads with light car traffic, including schools, hospitals, hotels, factories, construction sites, and any other location where speeding could cause accidents.

Featuring highly visible yellow and black contrasting colours, the mid-sections have cats eye reflectors for added visibility day or night. Made of heavy-duty PVC with a chequered pattern that provides extra grip even in poor weather conditions, the speed bumps are suitable for tarmac and concrete road surfaces and have a load capacity of 20 tonnes.

Speed Bump 10mph – Kit Contents

Each kit includes an even number of yellow and black mid-sections, each measuring 500mm in length with four pre-drilled holes, as well as a yellow and black end cap, measuring 170mm in length with two pre-drilled holes. The speed ramp has a height of 50mm and a width of 350mm. The M10 shield anchor bolts come in the exact quantity required to securely fasten the entire speed bump and are 100mm in length.

To install the speed bump, mark the position of the bolts, drill the required holes of the correct size, insert the fixings, and then secure the speed bump in place.

Speed bumps should be installed straight across the road and set back from junctions. Turning on a speed bump can cause discomfort for the driver and passenger and can damage the bumps over time. Ideal for low-speed zones where pedestrians and vehicles mix, speed bumps are best placed at entrances or by zebra crossings to act as a speed deterrent.

  • Designed to reduce speed to 10mph
  • Gentle slope, with a height of 50mm
  • 20-tonne load capacity
  • Each Mid-Section - 500mm x 350mm x 50mm - 7kg
  • Each End Cap - 170mm x 350mm x 50mm - 2kg
  • Bolts not included
  • Constructed of high-quality PVC rubber
  • Manufactured for Vigil Products

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