2-Piece Traffic Cone - 750mm

The 2-piece 750mm Traffic Cone is an indispensable tool for enhancing road safety and organisation to prevent collisions and accidents.

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Beyond merely being brightly coloured markers, these cones - manufactured for Vigil Products - serve as steadfast protectors of road users. Equipped with a reflective sleeve, they ensure visibility even in challenging conditions, such as low-light situations or adverse weather, allowing drivers to spot them from afar.

Whether you're near infrastructures, construction sites, or roadworks, these vibrant cones stand out as beacons of caution and guidance. They effectively alert drivers to potential hazards ahead, helping them navigate safely through compromised roads due to accidents or lane obstructions.

Their sturdy structure, crafted from premium materials, ensures durability and stability in various environments. This means they can be deployed across construction sites, roadworks, and other public areas to protect workers and pedestrians alike. Designed to withstand the elements, including gusty winds and passing vehicles, these cones remain steadfast in their mission to maintain road safety.

Moreover, the reflective sleeve isn't a simple accessory, it's made to save lives. Its high-visibility properties enable drivers to detect cones from far distances, guiding them away from oncoming traffic or potential obstructions. This proactive approach minimises the risk of accidents and promotes safer driving habits for everyone on the road.

In addition to benefitting drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, and other road users also find reassurance in these cones. Their bold colour and reflective properties serve as a clear warning of potential hazards, helping to protect against accidents and collisions.

  • Manufactured for Vigil Products
  • Measuring 750mm in height
  • Weather-resistant design 
  • Stackable when not in use
  • Easy grip top for quick positioning
  • Made with HDPE and recycled PVC

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