Speed Bump End Cap – 5mph

The 5mph speed bump end caps provide a safe and neat finish to the heavy-duty speed ramp by levelling the ends, reducing the risk of trips and accidents.

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Available in yellow or black, it's recommended to have both colours for alternating placement with the black and yellow halves of the speed bump mid-section.

Each end cap comes with two pre-drilled holes and two heavy-duty shield anchor bolts, and measures 180mm long and 350mm wide. Constructed of highly durable recycled rubber with grooved diamond shapes for improved water drainage and grip, they have a height of 70mm and are designed to reduce the speed of vehicles to 5mph.

Manufactured by Vigil Products, these speed ramps are commonly used in car parks and on private roads where vehicles and pedestrians coexist.

Installing Your Speed Bumps

The end caps come with M10 shield anchor bolts, which are 100mm long and suitable for heavy-duty, load-bearing applications. To install, mark the position of the bolts, drill the required holes to the correct size, insert the fixing, and secure the speed bump in place.

For a complete speed bump solution, check out the 5mph speed bump complete kit, available in various sizes at unbeatable prices. Additionally, the speed bump mid-sections are ideal for extending the bundles or replacing sections.

  • Designed to reduce speeds to 5mph
  • Gentle slope, with a height of 70mm
  • 60-tonne load capacity
  • Bolts not included
  • End Caps - 180mm x 350mm x 70mm - 2.1kg
  • Constructed of heavy-duty, weatherproof rubber
  • Manufactured by Vigil Products

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