Speed Bump Complete Kit – 5mph

The speed bump complete kit is ideal for reducing vehicle speeds down to 5mph. It includes mid-sections, end caps and shield anchor bolts and comes in a range of sizes to suit your location.

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With a weight capacity of up to 60 tonnes, these heavy-duty ramps are suitable for HGV traffic. They are commonly used in car parks, industrial and commercial sites, as well as private facilities such as construction sites, schools and hospitals.

The highly visible yellow and black contrasting colours, combined with cats eye reflectors, help to reduce accidents and prevent injuries by ensuring the speed bumps are visible day and night. Constructed of highly durable recycled rubber, it features grooved diamond shapes for improved water drainage and grip, and is UV, moisture, and temperature resistant.

The mid sections are supplied in 1 metre lengths, half black and half yellow, featuring a total of eight pre-drilled holes. The kit also includes a yellow and a black end cap, allowing for an alternating yellow/black pattern from end-to-end, measuring 180mm in length with two pre-drilled holes. The speed ramp has a height of 70mm and a width of 350mm.

The M10 shield anchor bolts are designed for heavy-duty, load-bearing applications and are suitable for tarmac and concrete installation. You'll receive the exact number of bolts required to completely fasten the entire speed bump, 100mm in length. To install, mark the position of the bolts, drill the required holes at the correct size, insert the fixing and then secure the speed bump in place.

Installing Your Speed Bumps

Speed bumps are best positioned at entrances or by zebra crossings, often installed in areas where pedestrians and vehicles mix. They are the perfect speed deterrent for low-speed zones. When installing, speed bumps should be set straight across the road and set back from junctions. Vehicles turning on a speed bump causes discomfort for the driver and passenger, damages the bumps over time, and reduces the likelihood of stalling.

Whether you call them speed bumps, speed humps, speed ramps or sleeping policemen, they are an effective solution for reducing vehicle speeds and increasing safety on roads.

  • Designed to reduce speed to 5mph
  • Gentle slope, with a height of 70mm
  • 60-tonne load capacity
  • Bolts not included
  • Mid-Section - 1 metre x 350mm x 70mm - 17kg
  • End Caps - 180mm x 350mm x 70mm - 2.1kg
  • Constructed of heavy-duty, weatherproof rubber
  • Manufactured for Vigil Products

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