Speed Bump Mid-Section – 5mph

Each mid-section of the speed bump is 1 metre long and 350mm wide, divided into half yellow and half black to increase visibility day and night with the help of cats eye night reflectors.

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With eight pre-drilled holes and shield anchor bolts included as standard, each bump has a height of 70mm, designed to reduce the speed of all traffic to 5mph.

Constructed from highly durable recycled rubber, featuring grooved diamond shapes to improve water drainage and grip, and is UV, moisture, and temperature resistant. It is ideal for heavy-duty use, making it suitable for locations where cars, vans, and HGVs regularly travel.

To finish off the speed bump installation and minimize the risk of people tripping, add the speed bump end caps. These mid-sections are commonly used in car parks and on private roads where vehicles and pedestrians mix, manufactured for Vigil Products.

Installing Your Speed Bumps

Installation is made easy with the included M10 shield anchor bolts, designed for heavy-duty load-bearing applications. The bolts are 100mm in length. First, mark the position of bolts, drill the required holes with the correct size, insert the fixing and secure the speed bump in place.

For a complete set-up, check out our 5mph speed bump complete kit available in a range of sizes at unbeatable prices. Alternatively, use the mid-sections to extend the speed bump or as replacements.

  • Designed to reduce speed to 10mph
  • Contrasting, high-visibility yellow and black colours
  • Gentle slope, with a height of 70mm
  • 60-tonne load capacity
  • Bolts not included
  • Mid-Section - 1 metre x 350mm x 70mm - 17kg
  • Constructed of heavy-duty, weatherproof rubber
  • Manufactured for Vigil Products

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