Blank Plug And Chain

Our blank plug is designed to fit standard UK 64mm (2 ½") standpipes, dry riser valves and other firefighting equipment to prevent dirt, rubbish, chewing gum and other debris from entering. These are commonly known as dust caps, blank plugs, blanking caps and serve the same purpose.

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The blank plugs, manufactured by Vigil Products, come in a variety of materials including rubber, plastic and light alloy. The retainer chain is included and the instantaneous coupling is compatible.

Please note that the colour of the blank plug may vary.

  • Choice of material – plastic, rubber or light alloy
  • 2.5" instantaneous male fitting
  • Used to seal off water supplies
  • Can be used as a dust cover
  • Only the light alloy is suitable for where water pressure is present
  • Manufactured for Vigil Products

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