Budget Steel Fencing Pins - 10 Pack

Our Budget Steel Fencing Pins, made from sturdy 8mm mild steel, are built to withstand a range of weather conditions, ensuring they remain strong and dependable in any environment. 

For quick and effective installation, simply drive these pins into the ground with a hammer. They can be easily removed when no longer needed, making them ideal for temporary setups.

Supplied in quantities of 10, these pins offer a reliable solution for creating safety fencing for various environments, making them perfect for contractors and event organisers. Each pin comes equipped with a practical lamp hook, and assists with setting up barrier systems to prevent unauthorised access and promote site safety.

These pins are designed to work seamlessly with Barrier Fencing, barrier tape, and hazard cone lamps, creating a comprehensive and trustworthy barrier system.

  • 1250mm length
  • 8mm thickness
  • Work-hardened round mild steel
  • Suited for various events and site purposes
  • Manufactured for Vigil

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