Fire Hose Reel – 25mm Manual

Once securely mounted on the wall, the 25mm manual fire hose reel empowers you to swiftly deliver a reliable water stream up to 30 metres away once the hose is fully extended.

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It arrives 'Hose On', complete with a pre-attached jet/spray fire nozzle, ready for effortless installation. The package encompasses all essential components: wall brackets, inlet pipe, gate valve, and hose roller guide.

A fixture in firefighting for generations, the Vigil Products 25mm fixed manual fire hose reel holds EN 671-1 certification with LCPB approval. The fire hose itself is compliant with EN 694 standards. This reel is an excellent fit for extensive public buildings, factories, and warehouses. Manual hose reels entail the activation of the gate valve (much like turning on a garden hose tap) to initiate water flow. This attribute proves particularly beneficial for outdoor locations susceptible to frost, guarding against potential damage and ensuring ongoing functionality.

For optimal readiness, it is advised to install manual fire hose reels on a wall. They are constructed from UV-resistant powder-coated steel and brass for heightened longevity. The 25mm fire hose is fashioned from durable rubber and PVC blends, boasting a working pressure of 12 bar.

Fixed Hose Reel Package includes: Fire Hose Reel, 25mm x 30m Fire Hose, Jet/Spray Fire Hose Nozzle, Wall Brackets, Inlet Pipe, Gate Valve, and Hose Roller Guide.

Covered Fire Types: Class A fires involving paper, cardboard, wood, cloth, and more.

  • Supplied ‘Hose On’ with a 25mm fire hose, 30 metres in length
  • Jet/spray fire hose nozzle included
  • Also includes a wall bracket, inlet pipe, gate valve and hose guide
  • Fixes to the wall and manually operated
  • Easy to install, operate and service
  • Certified to EN 671-1
  • LCPB Approved
  • Fire Hose is EN 394 compliant with a 12-bar working pressure
  • Powder-coated steel and brass for improved durability
  • Operating temperature: -20 and +60°C
  • Manufactured for Vigil Products

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