Flexible Inlet Fire Hose Pipe

The custom-built flexible inlet fire hose pipe is meticulously designed to accommodate swinging fire hose reels, ensuring seamless connectivity between the reel and water supply as it swivels.

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The resilient water inlet pipe is engineered to streamline fire reel installation, removing the need to worry about aligning pipework or enlisting a plumber's services.

With a one-metre length, the flexible fire hose pipe is suitable for 25mm water connections on each end, which are now the norm for modern installations. However, If the connection does not quite fit, just get an adaptor or reducer from your local plumber's merchant.

Please Note: The flexible inlet fire hose pipe is only recommended for use with swinging hose reels and is not designed for fixed-position reels.

  • Length: 1 metre
  • Internal Diameter: 25mm
  • External Diameter: 50mm
  • Connects to 25mm pipework as standard
  • Manufactured for Vigil Products

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