Floor Cable Ramp

Constructed from a durable and flexible rubber material, the floor cable protector ensures that cables are kept safe from pedestrians who may trip over them, reducing the risk of potential injuries and damage.

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Installation is easy and straightforward: simply position the cover over the cable and interlock multiple covers using the jigsaw connectors to create longer runs.

Featuring sloping edges and a non-slip surface, this product is safe to walk on and does not require additional fixation. The black floor cable cover is designed for indoor use in public and working environments, such as offices, warehouses, and hallways. With dimensions of 1030 x 130 x 20mm, the single channel of the cable cover is suitable for most cables and wires, measuring 30x11mm.

This product is manufactured for Vigil Products and is an essential safety solution for preventing workplace accidents such as slips and trips while protecting cables and equipment from damage and disconnection.

  • Suitable for indoor use in offices, warehouses and corridors
  • Prevents injury and damage
  • Flexible, durable rubber
  • Non-slip surface with sloping edges
  • Single-channel for carrying cables
  • Dimensions: 1030 x 130 x 20mm
  • Manufactured for Vigil Products

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