Folding Parking Barrier

Easy to operate, our Folding Parking Barrier offers a simple solution for controlling access to parking spaces and entrances in both residential and commercial settings.

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This fold-down hooped barrier lays flat for vehicles to pass over and can then be raised into a standing position to block access. By utilising the brass padlock provided, you can secure it in either position to deter unauthorised use.

Constructed from heavy-duty steel and featuring reflective red warning stripes for increased visibility and accident prevention, our folding barrier is securely anchored to the ground with three fixing points. The central telescopic arm not only serves as the padlocking point but also provides stability and ensures easy operation, allowing anyone with a key to raise and lower the barrier effortlessly.

Ideal for apartment complexes, homes, offices, and car forecourts, our collapsible parking barrier effectively safeguards parking spots and serves as a deterrent. Designed for installation on tarmac and concrete surfaces, it comes complete with all necessary fixings and three keys for convenience.

Manufactured for Vigil Products, the hooped barrier stands at 430mm tall and 710mm wide, with a total depth of 380mm when raised. Each fixing point measures 90mm x 35mm, and when in the lowered position, the barrier has a height of 60mm.

  • Easy solution for preventing unauthorised parking
  • Lower to allow vehicle access and raise to restrict access
  • Suitable for residential and commercial parking
  • Locks in either position using the brass padlock, supplied with 3 keys
  • Telescopic central arm allows effortless operation
  • Hooped barrier supplied with red reflective strips
  • Three ground fixing points, with bolts included
  • Suitable for tarmac and concrete surfaces
  • Constructed for corrosion-resistant steel
  • Dimensions (Raised): Height 430mm x Width 710mm x Depth 380mm
  • Dimensions (Lowered): Height 60mm x Width 710mm x Depth 430mm
  • Foot Dimensions: 90mm x 35mm
  • Manufactured for Vigil Products

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