Hose Reel Gate Valve

Our 19mm and 25mm hose reel gate valves are intended to link the primary water supply to your manual hose reel, allowing you to control and stop the water flow as needed.

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The valve body is made of brass for effortless connection to your current pipework, and the red handle offers improved visibility and identification as a firefighting tool.

Produced to meet the standards of BS 5154 for Vigil Products, the hose reel gate valve is commonly used to turn off the water supply when the hose will not be used for an extended period, primarily during the winter months. Before installation, ensure that you verify the size of your plumbing and hose reel inlet, and ensure that it is installed solely on manual fire hose reels.

  • 19mm or 25mm gate valve
  • For manual hose reel installations
  • Open and close valve
  • 19mm - Type PN16
  • 25mm - Type PN20
  • Brass gate valve
  • Manufactured for Vigil Products

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