Hydrant Key And Bar

This fire hydrant key and bar tool is a reliable and sturdy solution for quickly accessing water supplies. It is designed to operate underground hydrant valves that meet BS750 standards, featuring a 35mm square opening at their base.

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The key and bar assembly is made of durable steel and fits the standard outlet size for underground valves. The upright section, or key, measures 1055mm long, while the bar is slotted at one end for prying open the hydrant cover. When not in use, the bar fits inside the bar section, providing leverage when turning the hydrant on or off.

Manufactured by Vigil Products, this fire hydrant key and bar tool is a must-have for fire safety equipment.

  • Fits all UK underground hydrant valves
  • Hollow construction stows the 'key' inside the shaft of the bar
  • Stands tall at 1055mm
  • Constructed of steel
  • Manufactured for Vigil Products

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