2-Piece No Parking Traffic Cone

The No Parking Traffic Cone, also known as the No Waiting Cone, is designed to enhance road safety across various settings by preventing unauthorised parking.

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These cones are a highly reliable road accessory, so whether you're managing a construction site, utility works zone, or organising events, these cones feature an unmistakable 'No Waiting' symbol to stop drivers from parking around unsuitable locations.

Crafted in vibrant yellow with a clear ‘No Waiting’ symbol, these cones are impossible to miss. Manufactured by Vigil Products, they may be compact at 450mm tall, but they're tough enough to tackle any challenge. Their durable construction and rubber base ensure they stay firmly upright, even in harsh weather conditions.

Manufactured for Vigil Products and meeting BS:EN 13422 standards and all necessary traffic regulations, these cones are suitable for various environments, from public roads to car parks, construction areas, and commercial facilities. When not in use, they stack up easily for convenient storage.

With a 2-piece design, these cones break away harmlessly if accidentally run over, ensuring safety around roads and complex infrastructures. Say goodbye to problem parking and hello to safer roads with No Parking Cones!

  • Manufactured for Vigil Products
  • Yellow cone
  • Reflective sleeve with ‘No Waiting’ symbol
  • Easy to grip handle design
  • Stackable for easy storage
  • High wind resistance and durability
  • Height: 450mm
  • Conforms to BS:EN 13422

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