Orange Barrier Fencing – 15 metres

The 15m Orange Safety Barrier Fencing is a cost-effective and easy solution for setting up a temporary barrier. It is perfect for construction sites, gardening projects, and controlling crowds at events.

Approved Retailers

Fire Protection Online
Simply Safety Group
Simply Extinguishers

The orange mesh can be quickly installed and removed using our steel barrier fencing pins, which can restrict access to hazardous areas or places where people should not walk.

Sold on compact 15-metre rolls, you can easily cut it down to your desired size with ordinary scissors. It can then be securely held in place using steel barrier fencing pins, which can be purchased separately. Made of reusable plastic, the mesh fencing is durable and weatherproof, making it suitable for demanding on-site conditions. It is also flexible, allowing you to create cordons of any shape.

The highly visible orange colour ensures that the barrier fencing is easily noticeable.

  • Colours: Orange
  • Material Plastic Product
  • Weight: 4kg
  • Length: 15 metres
  • Height: 1 metre
  • Hole Size: 35mm x 95mm

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