Telescopic Inspection Mirror with Light

The portable inspection mirror with light resolves the problem of easily checking challenging-to-reach or hazardous areas where your vision is obstructed, without the need to bend or stretch.

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Utilised by security guards, police, port security, and the armed forces, the mirror enables them to efficiently search cars, lorries, ships, aircraft, buildings, machinery, and seating areas with ease. In fact, the inspection mirror is also employed for safety checks on machinery as well.

With a lightweight design and a caster wheel at the rear of the mirror, facilitating effortless gliding across the floor, the vehicle inspection mirror features a telescopic handle – with a total length of 1.2 meters – to alleviate strain on your back. The 220mm convex mirror boasts a robust acrylic construction, providing the user with a viewing distance of 2 metres. Additionally, it comes complete with a battery-operated LED light on the handle, delivering illumination to any dark area by reflecting light from the mirror.

Manufactured for Vigil Products, the inspection mirror includes a storage bag, which is perfect for transporting the mirror and safely storing it when not in use, protecting it from potential damage.

  • 220mm convex mirror
  • With remove LED light (batteries included)
  • Castor wheel on rear of mirror
  • Telescopic aluminium handle with non-slip grip
  • Lightweight Pole 0.6m - 1.2m
  • Viewing distance: 2m
  • Manufactured for Vigil Products

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