Vigil 475 Selectable Fire Nozzle

The Vigil 475 selectable fire nozzle is ideal for industrial users and firefighters, with a medium-to-high maximum flow rate of 475 litres per minute and a maximum working pressure of 16 bar.

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This professional nozzle has straight stream, narrow fog and wide fog spray patterns that can be easily changed using the twist adjuster, which has raised identification for use in low visibility environments.

The main body also has an additional ring to manually adjust water flow, allowing for minimal water consumption without compromising extinguishing ability. Manufactured for Vigil Products in accordance with BSEN-15182, the selectable fire nozzle comes complete with an integral 2 ½" instantaneous alloy male inlet (BS 336) for UK fixings.

The Vigil 475 selectable fire nozzle has a lightweight and robust design, with a hard anodised aluminium body and ABS handle with a rubber bumper. The stainless-steel spinning teeth create different fog patterns, while the laser engraved settings on the body make it easy to see the various settings available.

Selectable fire nozzles are popular with professional firefighters and are often used for wash-down applications, heavy dust suppression, and in marine and oil rig environments.

  • Selectable fire nozzle
  • Straight stream, narrow fog and wide fog spray patterns
  • Flush function to clean the nozzle
  • Flow control method: 115-230-360-475 litre per minute
  • Working pressure of 6 bar
  • Throw range: 40 metres
  • Maximum fog angle: 120°
  • 2.5” (64mm) BS 336 inlet
  • Manufactured in accordance with BSEN-15182
  • Aluminium body, ABS handle and rubber bumper
  • Weight: 2.3kg
  • Manufactured for Vigil Products

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