Vigil 4m x 3m Lithium Battery Fire Blanket

The large Vigil 4m x 3m lithium battery fire blanket is the safest method of tackling a fire involving a portable device, storage battery, or personal transportation vehicles.

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Big enough to cover storage batteries used for solar panels and forklifts, our blanket will also cover an electric motorbike, e-bike, mobility scooter, drones, power tools, toys, and other electronic devices.

Quick and easy to drape over and tuck in around the item, it's an efficient method of isolating and controlling a fire involving a lithium-ion battery to contain the flames, smoke and toxic fumes within a matter of moments.

Traditional fire extinguishers such as foam or powder have no effect on a fire involving a lithium battery, and the only way to extinguish it to by cooling the battery down. While this blanket will not extinguish the fire (thermal runaway cannot be stopped), it will prevent it from escalating in severity and spreading until the fire brigade arrives and assesses the situation.

Lithium fire blankets are recommended for garages, workshops, recycling centres, factories, laboratories, and marine, aviation and military locations. In fact, the single-use lithium blanket should be available anywhere that a lithium-ion battery fire could break out. So, if your premises have lithium-ion powered devices - particularly a large quantity stored together - then having a lithium fire blanket is advised.

Manufactured for Vigil Products and supplied in a red bag which is clearly labelled for easy identification in an emergency, it features shoulder straps to carry as a backpack, and a carry handle. You should ensure this is kept in an easily accessible location for an emergency.

Once you have removed the 4m x 3m lithium fire blanket from the bag, place it on the ground to unroll and unfold the blanket at a safe distance from the device. With two people, each holding a handle, pull the blanket over the device in one continuous movement, taking extra care of the fire, toxic fumes, and chemical risks.

The weight of the fire blanket will settle, and you should check that it is tight around the object with the edges tucked in. This should then be left on until the brigade arrive for them to remove - remember, this will not extinguish the fire, but will reduce the associated risks and prevent the fire from spreading.

Once used on a fire, you will need to responsibly dispose of and replace the blanket.

  • Suitable for portable devices and personal transportation vehicles
  • Suitable for storage batteries
  • Recommended for anywhere that a lithium fire could break out
  • Works in seconds for use by anyone
  • Blanket size: 4m x 3m (13ft x 10ft)
  • Supplied in a red waterproof kit bag
  • Clearly labelled for easy identification
  • 430gsm Fibreglass fabric, coated with 130gsm double side Silicon
  • Manufactured for Vigil Products

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