Vigil 8m x 6m Car Fire Blanket

The car fire blanket is designed to be quickly deployed over any vehicle fire, from small city cars up to SUVs. It's the most efficient way to isolate and control car fires, suitable for petrol, diesel, hybrid, and electric vehicles.

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You can contain the flames, smoke, and toxic fumes in a matter of seconds, just like your kitchen fire blanket, by depriving the oxygen supply on a larger scale.

The specialist car fire blanket is the only rapid and reliable solution that can effectively handle fires in electric vehicles. It's designed for lithium-ion battery fires where there's a risk of thermal runaway to contain the risk and reduce damage, and prevent the escape of toxic fumes. The electric vehicle fire blanket is also recommended by guidance from the Department for Transport for recovery operators who may have to recover electrically powered or hybrid vehicles when broken down or accidentally damaged.

However, it's suitable for tackling any car fire, and the vehicle fire blanket is often found in car parks, road tunnels, petrol stations, charging stations, repair facilities, car ferries, and other facilities. Manufactured for Vigil Products, the extra-large blanket is also carried by breakdown services and firefighters.

The single-use lithium blanket is supplied in a large red bag that's clearly labelled for easy identification in an emergency. The bag features shoulder straps to carry as a backpack and two handles. You should ensure it's hung in an easily accessible location for an emergency. When providing this for facilities staff to use, you should give them full training on how to safely deploy the car fire blanket.

Once you've removed the 6m x 8m car fire blanket from the bag, unroll and unfold it at a safe distance from the vehicle. With two people, each holding a handle, pull the blanket over the vehicle in one continuous movement, taking extra care of the fire, toxic fumes, and chemical risks (particularly with EVs).

The weight of the fire blanket will settle on the car, and you should check that it's tight around the vehicle with the edges tucked in. This should then be left on the vehicle until deemed safe by your local fire brigade and removed by them. Remember, it won't extinguish the fire of an electric vehicle, but it will reduce the toxic fumes and liquids while preventing the fire from spreading.

Once used on a fire, you'll need to responsibly dispose of and replace your vehicle fire blanket.

  • Suitable for petrol, diesel, hybrid, and electric vehicles
  • Applicable for cars up to normal SUV size
  • Blanket size: 6m x 8m (20ft x 26ft)
  • Blanket weight: 26kg
  • Supplied in a red waterproof kit bag
  • Clearly labelled for easy identification
  • 430gsm Fibreglass fabric, coated with 130gsm double side Silicon
  • Recommended by the Department for Transport
  • Manufactured for Vigil Products

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