Vigil Waterwall Nozzle

The Vigil Waterwall Nozzle is designed to create a safety barrier of water quickly and easily, offering protection against heat, sparks, smoke and gases.

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It not only stops the spread of fire, but also provides a safe area for firefighters to work in while they fight the fire. The nozzle sprays water to a height of 7 metres and a width of 26 metres, creating an impressive water curtain.

The Water Shield Nozzle works by using an aluminium plate with etched streaks in a fan shape, causing the water to spray out at a 180° angle to create the water curtain barrier. The Waterwall Nozzle can be left unmanned in position, and has a handle for easy stabilization when required.

Manufactured by Vigil Products using aluminium with a stainless-steel plate, these hydroshield fire nozzles are suitable for use in a variety of industries, including fire and rescue services, aviation, petrochemicals and other large industries, and are particularly popular in the marine trade. The nozzle has an integral 2 ½" instantaneous alloy male inlet (BS 336) for UK fixings, a maximum flow rate of 500 litres per minute, and a working pressure of 10 bar.

Please note: This Waterwall Nozzle comes in two parts and is simple to bolt together before use (fixings included).

  • Waterwall protection
  • 180° spray to create a water curtain
  • Flow rate: 500 litres per minute
  • Working pressure of 10 bar
  • Throw height: 7 metres
  • Throw width: 26 metres
  • 2.5” (64mm) BS 336 inlet
  • Aluminium body with stainless steel water wall plate
  • Weight: 2.4kg
  • Manufactured for Vigil Products

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