Medium-Duty Welding Blankets

The medium-duty welding blankets are available in three sizes and are flexible and lightweight, with the ability to resist sparks and medium metal splatter. They are also self-extinguishing. The high-performance welding drape is silicone-coated on both sides of the glass fibre blanket, making it suitable for use in areas with oils, greases, acidic liquids and vapours.

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The medium-duty welding blanket is 1.8 metres long and very flexible, making it ideal for hanging or draping. It comes with brass eyelets to secure it in position. The blanket is available in three widths: 1.8m, 2.4m or 3.6-metre, providing complete protection. This fire-retardant blanket is primarily used by people carrying out hot works.

Suitable for industrial working environments, the blanket has excellent resistance against wear and abrasion and will not deteriorate over time due to weathering or flexing. It has a material weight of 280g/m2 and is manufactured by Vigil Products. The medium-duty welding blanket has an approximate continuous working temperature of 290°C, or 350°C for short-term exposure.

  • 1.8m long - 1.8m, 2.4m or 3.6m width options
  • Flexible for easy hanging or draping with eyelets every 60cm
  • High performance material with excellent abrasion resistance
  • Resists sparks and medium metal splatter
  • Weight: 280g/m2
  • Approx. Service Temperature - continuous 290°C, short term 350°C
  • Manufactured for Vigil Products

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