Wheeled Fire Extinguisher Covers

The Vigil wheeled fire extinguisher cover is an excellent way to safeguard your firefighting equipment from the elements, prevent misuse, and maintain cleanliness by shielding it from dirt and dust.

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The mobile extinguisher covers are available in three sizes suitable for 50kg/50 litre and 100kg/100 litre foam and powder extinguishers, or 10kg and 20kg CO2 units. These bright red covers are labelled clearly for easy identification during emergencies.

Manufactured by Vigil Products using heavy-duty PVC textile, the wheeled extinguisher cover protects the entire length of the unit. Simply place the cover over the wheeled fire extinguisher, and use the drawstring at the bottom to secure it in place. When needed in an emergency, the hi-vis handle on top makes it easy to remove the cover quickly.

  • Protects from weather, misuse and dust/dirt
  • 50kg/50ltr size
  • 100kg/100ltr size
  • 20kg and 10kg CO2 size
  • Long-lasting, flexible plastic-based material
  • Drawstring bottom for secure fitting
  • Easy to remove using high visibility handle
  • Red colour with large text and symbols for identification
  • Manufactured for Vigil Products

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