Lithium Battery Fire Blankets

Lithium battery fire blankets provide a safe and effective way to deal with fires involving lithium-ion batteries. They help you control the fire and prevent it from spreading until the fire brigade arrives. If you have large quantities of rechargeable devices or large lithium batteries, it's important to be prepared with Lith-Ex fire extinguishers and lithium fire blankets.

The chemicals used in lithium batteries can cause them to burn at an intense temperature and produce toxic fumes, making the risk of a lithium battery fire a serious concern. These batteries are found in most rechargeable portable devices, including mobile phones, laptops, power tools, and electric vehicles.

Traditional fire extinguishers like foam, water, and dry powder won't work on a lithium battery fire. The only way to extinguish such a fire is to cool down the battery. Lith-Ex fire extinguishers are the only extinguishers on the market that can put out such fires as they use AVD, a revolutionary extinguishing agent that creates a film over surfaces. However, if the battery is hidden behind a protective casing, the only solution is to deploy a lithium fire blanket over the device.

To use a lithium fire blanket, remove it from the red kit bag and unroll it on the ground at a safe distance from the device. Two people should then hold the handles and pull the blanket over the device in one continuous movement, taking extra care of the fire, toxic fumes, and chemical risks. Once the blanket is in place, check that it is tight around the object with the edges tucked in. The blanket should be left on until the brigade arrives to remove it. Note that the blanket will not extinguish the fire but will reduce the associated risks and prevent the fire from spreading.

Lithium battery fire blankets are manufactured for Vigil Products and are supplied in a red kit bag that is easily identifiable with clear text and should be hung in a location that is easy to access in an emergency. Once used on a fire, the lithium battery fire blanket should be responsibly disposed of and replaced.