Rubber Corner Guard

The durable solid rubber corner guard is highly effective in absorbing and deflecting impacts while providing increased visibility with its reflective yellow and black finish.

Approved Retailers

Fire Protection Online
Simply Safety Group
Simply Extinguishers

This makes it perfect for warehouses and factories where forklifts and lorries are in operation, as well as for use in car parks and on building corners by the roadside to help prevent accidents and minimize damage.

The corner guard is specifically designed to provide protection to walls and is made of recycled rubber which lessens the impact of a collision. The black and yellow colour combination makes it highly visible, helping to comply with EU directive EC92/58. It is a long-lasting solution for protecting corners both indoors and outdoors, making it an ideal addition to any facility or building.

  • 800mm  x 90mm 10mm thick
  • Recycled rubber 
  • Black & Yellow colour
  • Complies with EU directive EC92/58 

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