Low Expansion Foam Branchpipe

The low expansion foam branchpipe is a convenient solution for introducing foam concentrate into firefighting operations. It comes equipped with a pick-up line and piercing tube, providing a straightforward method for incorporating foam concentrate into your firefighting output.

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The branchpipe is fully inducting and compatible with all types of foam concentrate. It offers an extended throw distance of up to 40 meters and superior cooling capabilities compared to medium versions. You can choose between the 480LPM or 960LPM versions to achieve the desired flow rate.

Designed with a pistol grip for improved handling and a comfortable hold, the branchpipe also features a stirrup handle on top, allowing full control of the flow for easy on/off operation. The heavy-duty construction is corrosion resistant and facilitates easy repairs and servicing.

With a working pressure of 7 bar and a foam expansion ratio of over 5 times, this branchpipe is designed to expand the foam before accelerating it to high velocity. The inlet is manufactured to meet BS336 standards and is suitable for equipment with a standard 2.5-inch (64mm) diameter hose, making it suitable for various applications, including industrial and marine environments.

The stainless steel piercing tube enables direct extraction of foam from the source. The body of the branchpipe is constructed of hard-anodized aluminum, the handle is made of injection-moulded nylon, and the valve is manufactured from aluminium, all provided for Vigil Products. It is also compatible with our Variable In-Line Foam Inductor.

  • Lightweight and easy control design
  • Two versions: 480 litres per minute or 960 litre per minute
  • Long throw capability of up to 40 metres
  • Pistol grip and stirrup handle for on/off operation
  • Foam expansion ratio: > 5 times
  • Working pressure: 7 bar
  • Self inducting
  • Body material: Hard Anodised Aluminium / Stainless Steel
  • Valve material: Aluminium
  • Handle material: Injection Moulded Nylon
  • Manufactured for Vigil Products

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