Jet Spray Hose Nozzle

The jet spray hose nozzle is a handy accessory, available in both 19mm and 25mm sizes, that allows you to easily and precisely control the flow of water. Made of robust plastic material, it is lightweight and designed to handle even the toughest jobs. 

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You can easily switch between jet and spray modes, and turn the water flow on and off, with a simple twist action.

When choosing the appropriate size, it is important to select the nozzle that fits the internal diameter of your hose. The jet spray nozzle can send water up to a distance of 12 metres in jet mode, and 4.5 metres in spray mode from its 8mm outlet. It is manufactured by Vigil Products, has a working pressure of 16 bar, and has been tested up to 24 bar.

Fitting the jet spray nozzle is easy - simply push it onto the end of the hose and secure it in place using a jubilee clip (which is sold separately). It is an excellent addition to our fire hose tubing and can greatly improve your firefighting capabilities.

  • Jet and Spray modes
  • Available for 19mm and 25mm fire hose
  • Twist on and off function
  • Jet Mode: Up to 12 metres
  • Spray Mode: Up to 4.5 metres
  • Working Pressure: 16 bar
  • Testing Pressure: 24 bar
  • Constructed of durable plastic
  • Manufactured for Vigil Products

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