Vigil Metal Fire Bucket with Lid

The Vigil metal fire bucket with lid is an ideal receptacle for storing fire sand or Flamezorb, commonly seen on garage forecourts and car parks.

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Its bright red colour and ‘Fire’ label on the front make it hard to miss, and it comes with a handle for convenient transportation. Unlike many others, this bucket comes with a lid as standard, rather than as an optional extra.

For centuries, the original way of extinguishing fires was to fill buckets with water, pass them along a line and dump them on the fire. Nowadays, fire buckets are more commonly used to store sand and other absorbent materials, which can be used to clean up fuel spills, starve fires of oxygen, or even stub out cigarette ends. The lid keeps the contents dry and ready for use in an emergency.

Manufactured by Vigil Products, this metal fire bucket is galvanised to resist corrosion and has a 10-litre capacity. You can find these red fire buckets on forecourts, garages, caravan parks, and railway stations. They are kept in generator rooms, hyperbaric chambers, and recommended to be kept next to barbeques.

The fire bucket is suitable for keeping on the floor near the fire risk, and fire bucket brackets are available separately for wall-hanging. It can also be stored on the bottom of most of our fire extinguisher trolleys.

  • Traditional red metal bucket
  • Lid included, as standard
  • Carry handle for ease of transport
  • Clearly labelled ‘FIRE’ on the front
  • Perfect for spillage absorbent material or sand
  • 10-litre capacity
  • Galvanised for corrosion resistance
  • Manufactured for Vigil Products

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