Dry Riser Gate Valve – PN16

The gunmetal oblique globe dry riser valve with PN16 flange, also known as a landing valve, is an essential part of the fire hydrant system.

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It ensures a steady flow of water in both wet and dry riser systems, making it suitable for use in onshore and offshore applications. With its corrosion-resistant construction, it has a long lifespan and is manufactured according to BS5041 Part 2.

The standard British Instantaneous female outlet makes it easy to connect layflat firefighting hoses. The valve comes with a cap and chain to keep the outlet clean and free from debris, while the hand wheel allows for easy control of water flow. The valve has a compact and elegant design and is low-maintenance while being hydrostatically tested to 16.5 bars and 22.5 bars.

The PN16 gate valve is commonly used in major industrial locations, including marine, petrochemical, oil and gas, aviation, nuclear and waste recycling environments, as well as fire and rescue services.

If you're unsure whether you need a PN16 or Table D/E flange fitting for your inlet breeching valve, there's an easy way to tell the difference. PN16 flanges have 4 bolt holes around the flange, while Table D/E flanges only have 8 holes. So, take note of the outlet you're fitting this to in order to determine which version you require.

  • Corrosion-resistant gunmetal construction
  • Suitable for onshore and offshore applications
  • Manufactured in accordance with BS5041 Part 2
  • 2½” BS336 British Instantaneous female outlet
  • PN16 inlet flange
  • Supplied with hand wheel and valve cap
  • Low maintenance
  • Hydrostatically tested to 16.5 bars and 22.5 bars

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