Vigil Three-Storey Fire Escape Ladder – 7.5m

The Vigil fire escape ladder is designed to quickly facilitate a safe escape from a three-story window by hooking around the window sill. With a total length of 7.5 metres (or 24 feet, 6 inches), this ladder is lightweight and tangle-free, making it easy to escape from the second-floor bedroom window.

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This fire escape ladder comes fully assembled and features anti-slip treads with stand-offs to provide a sturdy footing and prevent the ladder from moving while climbing down. An optional child safety harness is available, which allows you to carry a toddler weighing up to 27kg securely while keeping both hands free to climb down safely.

The 7.5-meter total length of the ladder makes it suitable for most three-storey properties. Just ensure that the bottom step is close enough to the bottom to get off safely without injury. The window you intend to escape from needs to be fully open, with a minimum width of 315mm and the window sill requiring a maximum depth of 250mm. Despite its lightweight design, the fire escape ladder has a maximum load of 350kg, which means that up to three people can use the ladder at the same time.

This fire escape ladder is suitable for domestic use and requires no fixing, as it hooks around the window sill/ledge.

  • Lightweight steel escape ladder for domestic use
  • 7.5 metre/24 feet, 6 inches for first-floor level
  • Cardboard storage box dimensions W500mm x L370mm x D200mm
  • Width of ladder 325mm (11 inches) - window opening size. Rungs are 295mm wide
  • For thickness of wall 250mm (10 inches) - from outer wall to inner wall skin
  • Max load is 350kg (55 stone)
  • Manufactured for Vigil Products

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