Floor Cable Protector

The indoor cable protector for floors prevents accidents caused by trailing cables, keeping your premises tidy and organized while also protecting wires from damage.

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Designed for light-duty use in pedestrian areas, this cable cover has a ribbed, non-slip back to prevent sliding and a tapered design that ensures safe passage for trolleys and prevents tripping hazards.

The floor cable tidy is available in 1-meter and 9-meter lengths, making it easy to suit to your specific requirements. Featuring a pre-slit rear cavity that makes it simple to insert cables, it is ideal for use in offices, warehouses, factories, schools, hospitals, and even homes.

Manufactured by Vigil Products, this cable cover is a cost-effective and easy solution to prevent the most common accidents that occur in the workplace. In many offices, computer, phone, and printer cables are prone to trailing across floors, making this an excellent cable management solution.

  • Protects cables across floors and eliminate trip hazards
  • Ideal for light foot traffic
  • Flexible to uncoil and lay flat
  • Ribbed non-slip back with no adhesive tape required
  • 1 meter and 9 meter lengths, easy to cut down to size
  • Weight: 0.7 per 1 metre
  • Manufacture for Vigil Products

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